TAMPA BAY – Has your head stopped spinning, yet?

The first round of the 2022 NFL Draft was absolutely wild and the Buccaneers placed themselves in the thick of it when they decided to trade out of the draft’s top-32 picks.

But, the Buccaneers didn’t fall too far away from the top-32 packs in the draft. In fact, they have the 33rd overall pick -as well as others- after the trade.

So, let’s take a look at the trade and see how it grades out.

The Buccaneers make a solid decision to trade with the Jaguars

Buccaneers GM Jason Licht is no stranger to trades on Draft Day. He’s made some savvy moves in the past and he was at it again on Thursday night. The Buccaneers traded their 27th overall pick to the Jaguars for Jacksonville’s 33rd, 106th, and 180th overall picks. Those are second-, fourth-, and sixth-round picks, respectively.

Jacksonville actually overspent by four points, according to Rich Hill’s draft trade value chart. That doesn’t necessarily mean the Buccaneers pulled one over on them, but it does reflect the fact that the Buccaneers weren’t shorted in the trade. Also, the Buccaneers now have the first pick in each of those respective rounds, which is obviously a good development.

And, to make things even sweeter, the Buccaneers will have their pick of the top players on Day 2 if they decide to stay put. There are plenty of top targets left that are also high on their board and Licht can literally pick whomever he wants.

Tampa Bay is also in a prime spot to trade back and garner even more picks. Who knows what teams are thinking as the dust settles throughout the day. There are plenty of guys who fell into Round 2 and a certain team or teams may wanna make a deal to move up and ensure they get what they think is a major value.

The Buccaneers entered the draft without a fifth- or sixth-round pick. Knowing Licht and how he operates during the draft, it was hard to envision the Bucs going pick-less in those rounds. The trade reflects the trends and the strategy Licht has used in the past. It’s always good to see a franchise stick to its process. Especially if said process works.

The only downside to the trade is the Buccaneers missed out two targets in Devonte Wyatt and Lewis Cine. Both players could’ve been a tremendous help in 2022 and they also had the potential to be foundational pieces moving forward.

Overall, it was a solid move and the Buccaneers still have plenty of choices that can come in and make an impact at 33.

Grade: B+

Featured image via Kim Klement-USA Today Sports