Fans of the Buffalo Bills are still reeling after their crushing defeat to the Vikings.

And it’s because the Bills have struggled in the second half for several games in a row, now. It’s become almost a rite of passage at this point, but obviously, it’s not one the team nor its fans want to be a part of.

Head coach Sean McDermott is in the middle of trying to figure out a solution, but that’s obviously a big project to take on. Therefore, he doesn’t have all the answers, just yet.

Fortunately, though, he does have a few answers and he was willing to share his insight into the Bills’ second half struggles on Monday.

“What I can tell you is, turnovers have played a big part in that. Turnovers in our red zone have played a big part in that,” McDermott told reporters. “[Also] some run defense and some style of offense, as well, in terms of different looks [and] different complexions of offense, so to speak.”

The sense of urgency is a good thing and it’s certainly warranted on McDermott’s end. He knows that championship-contending teams not only know how to play their best football in the second half of games – they know how to close games out, as well.

It’s a big concern. And McDermott isn’t afraid to admit just that.

“Oh, sure,” McDermott said Monday when asked if he’s concerned about the Bills’ second half struggles. “… During the bye, we were one of the top teams in the second half both offensively and defensively. So, we’ve obviously done it before and now we’ve taken a step back and now we have to reassess and make the appropriate adjustments.”

The Buffalo Bills have yet to score a touchdown in the second half of a game since the Week 6 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Since then, the high-powered Bills offense has scored three points against the Packers, three points against the Jets, and now three points against the Vikings.

When looking at the offense, it’s hard not to look at Allen and his mistakes. The star quarterback is now in the league lead for interceptions thrown.

While Allen has kept the Bills in games this season, he’s also responsible for some head-scratching turnovers as of late.

Furthermore, one key statistic is worrisome for members of the Bills Mafia:

Luckily, there is time to correct these issues. The sky isn’t falling, yet.

McDermott openly discussing the issues is a step in the right direction.

Now, it’s time to execute.

You can check out McDermott’s full presser, below:

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