The Buffalo Bills lost in heartbreaking fashion to the Minnesota Vikings.

For the second time in two weeks, it came down to some late-game heroics from Josh Allen.

Allen, immediately after the game spoke about one of the aspects of this team that needs to be better. The star quarterback highlighted the issues in the red zone.

Marching down the field in overtime, Allen threw a costly interception in the end zone that ended the game.

The team needs to be better

Allen’s interception in the red zone highlights one glaring issue with the team, their inability to score in the red zone.

Josh Allen and the Bills have struggled mightily in the red zone after a red-hot start to the season.

Interceptions, fumbles, loss of downs, the team just can’t seem to convert when in enemy territory.

In fact, the Bills are one of the worst teams in terms of red-zone efficiency across the entire NFL, ranking in the bottom third of red-zone offense.

Josh Allen’s struggles continue

Josh Allen, specifically, has not been himself as of late. The Bills have failed to score a touchdown in the second half since their matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The once-favored MVP candidate has a string of games with multiple costly turnovers, which needs to be corrected immediately.

Just how bad was this loss for Buffalo? Entering the game they were sitting atop the entire AFC. Now, the Bills are third in their own division.

Plain and simple, there’s far too much talent on this team not to score touchdowns in the second half of football games.

Furthermore, recently added offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey has his work cut out for him.

The front office, and fans, are left scratching their heads after an abysmal second-half performance.

The red zone woes are only the first step to getting this team on the right track.

The rush defense has been suspect at best as the Bills have once again allowed a team to run roughshod on their rush defense.

Getting back healthy players will make a difference. However, with a team set on winning a Super Bowl, these losses cannot happen.