The Buffalo Bills sent a message to the NFL, and the entire world, after a thrashing of the defending Super Bowl champions; 31-10.

Not surprisingly, Josh Allen had an impressive performance against the defending champs.

Allen torched one of the league’s best corners, Jalen Ramsey, who has a history of calling out the talented quarterback.

Since Jalen Ramsey infamously called Allen “trash,” Allen is 3-0  against Ramsey. He’s racked up 768 passing yards, 163 rushing yards, and 11 total touchdowns over the course of those three games.

If Josh Allen is “trash” we aren’t entirely sure what that makes Ramsey.

Nevertheless, Allen once again dominated in a match-up featuring the talented corner.

The Josh Allen effect

Allen completed 26-of-31 passes for 297-yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions Thursday night. He also impressed with his legs by adding a team-leading 56 yards on the ground that also included a touchdown.

Of course, there were plenty of highlights that came with his performance, as well.

One of the biggest moments of the game for Allen was a vicious stiff-arm on a defender while running out of bounds.

The next was a beautiful touchdown while running out of the pocket to find a wind-open Stefon Diggs who managed to get behind his defender.

The icing on top was that this came against Ramsey, who earlier in the game got in the face of Diggs after he managed to break up a touchdown.

Wonder if Ramsey will give Diggs and co. their due respect after this play?

“I ain’t gonna lie to y’all,” Ramsey said earlier in the week. “I’m not about to sit up here and boost them [the Bills] up like y’all might want, like maybe other people are doing. I ain’t doing that. I ain’t gonna be extra. They good but we good, too, over here. So we’ll see them on Thursday, we’re gonna play football.

“But I ain’t gonna sit here and boost nobody up. I got respect for ‘em, but I got more respect for the game and the way I prepare and the way my teammates have been preparing and our trust and belief in each other. I’ll boost us up, I’ll talk about us and our preparation, but they can do that with them over there. We’re gonna go out there Thursday and put our best effort out there and do what we gotta do.”

Allen makes history

Josh Allen continues to cement himself in the NFL history books, this time it was for his complete performance against the defending Super Bowl champs.

Allen became the first QB in NFL history to have 250+ passing yards, 50+ rushing yards, 3+ passing touchdowns, a rushing touchdown, 80% completion, and a win, all in the same game.

A good, but not perfect, victory

The Bills performance didn’t come without mishaps, though.

The talented young quarterback had a pair of interceptions.

However,  the Rams defense on both incidents ripped the ball from the hands of the Bills receivers.

Rookie James Cook added to the Bills turnover battle, losing a fumble of his own.

Von Miller is worth every penny

The Bills returning defense, led by Von Miller, were true to form and started their 2022 campaign with a bang. A defense that finished number one in the NFL last season.

Once the spotlight came on, it was evident what kind of player Von Miller is, even at his age.

Von Miller and the impressive defensive line for the Bills managed to bring down Matt Stafford seven times.

Miller, against his former team, shined in the spotlight with four tackles (three for loss) and 2.0 sacks.

Leslie Frazier works his magic

Frazier led an impressive scheme against the defending Super Bowl champs, adding three interceptions, allowing only 10 points, and 241 total yards allowed.

The scariest and most impressive part of the defensive showing? The Bills are still without their All-Pro cornerback Tre White.

Somehow, someway, the number one defense last season looks even better.

What’s next for the Bills?

The Bills dominant performance comes during a season with sky-high expectations.

The Bills are Super Bowl favorites and Josh Allen is the front-runner to win the MVP.

All the personal awards and accolades aren’t what this McDermott-led team is looking for. The ultimate goal is to bring the first-ever Super Bowl win to the city of Buffalo

With 11 days until their home-opener against the Tennessee Titans, McDermott and Frazier will look to clean up some areas of the game.

Not a bad day at the office for a “trash” quarterback.

Featured image via Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports