Von Miller is an animal.

Bills fans, like myself, rejoiced when the news broke that the legendary pass rusher would be joining the team.

Furthermore, the news happened out of nowhere. Beane and McDermott’s tight-knit organization had no one prepared for the blockbuster move.

Since his arrival, Miller has made Buffalo his own.

Miller’s dominance shines nearly every snap he’s on the field, but there’s one area that’s criminally underrated.

Basham and Rousseau shining

Miller’s leadership, somehow, might be the most underrated part of his game.

While the entire defense is the beneficiary of Miller’s arrival, it’s Rousseau and Basham who have shined the brightest.

Boogie Basham was on the receiving end of being a healthy scratch for several matchups last season.

It appeared, initially, that the Bills’ decision to draft Rousseau and Basham in back-to-back rounds of the draft was a miss.

However, this season, Boogie Basham is the highest graded edge after just 3 weeks. Basham is winning 37% of his rushes in true pass sets. Looking back at the draft, it appears Basham was a steal in the second round.

Add in Rousseau’s dominance, and it appears that the Bills’ first two picks of last years draft were bigger hits than anyone would’ve realized.

Rousseau has jumped off the tape since Miller’s arrival. His freakish athleticism and ability to get to the passer have been exciting to watch.

In fact, Rousseau is making a little of his own history.

Miller’s immediate impact

Von Miller is a professional’s professional, he works to make everyone around him better.

Taking a look at the roster and what the young core has been able to accomplish, it’s remarkable, to say the least.

Miller began working with rising stars Greggory Rousseau and Boogie Basham the second he arrived in Buffalo.

Taking one look at the stats, it’s no surprise that his hard work has paid off almost immediately.

With his expertise, Miller has been able to take the developing young players, and mold them into stars right before our very eyes.

Everyone knew Miller’s on-field impact would be incredible, but his leadership and expertise maybe even more valuable.

What’s next?

Von Miller has made it abundantly clear what his purpose for joining the Bills is, to win a Super Bowl.

Miller’s leadership and expertise are already proving to be worth every penny of his massive contract to join the team.

With Josh Allen leading the offense, and Miller being a staple in our defense, the Bills’ chances for a Super Bowl have never been higher.

Continuing to stay healthy, and grow the young core will be the key to a deep playoff run.

For now, onto Baltimore.

Featured image via Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports