The Dallas Cowboys will soon know its 2022 regular season schedule, as the NFL is set to reveal each game on Thursday night. Some games have already been leaked, such as the Cowboys versus Packers game in Week 10.

Dallas will very likely be a part of some notable primetime games this season, as the team typically is. The Cowboys could be involved in a kickoff premiere game this season. Dallas, of course, kicked off the year against the Buccaneers last season in the opening game of the NFL season.

Thanksgiving Day is always a meaningful day for the Dallas Cowboys. Typically, the Cowboys play a divisional rival or a big-name opponent on the national holiday. Last year, the Cowboys played against the Las Vegas Raiders.

History suggests that the Cowboys will likely play an NFC East rival this season.

Rumors have floated around the Dallas Cowboys may be set to play against the Cincinnati Bengals on Thanksgiving Day.

That would certainly be an intriguing matchup. The Bengals are coming off a season in which they played for a Super Bowl. Cincinnati also features notable star power.

However, the more likely scenario is that the Cowboys play the Eagles, Giants, or Commanders on the big day. This is because the last five times that Dallas played on FOX on Thanksgiving Day, the opponent was a familiar face.

That is a pretty noteworthy trend. Dallas, of course, played against the Raiders on CBS last season in a game that had a lot of action and drama.

If the trend continues, the Eagles seem like a safe bet to be the opponent this year. Philadelphia appears to be the biggest threat to Dallas in the division. The splash of trading for wide receiver AJ Brown also makes them a TV draw.

Cowboys versus Eagles on Thanksgiving Day would certainly bring in tons of viewers. The matchup could also potentially play a role in the divisional and conference race late in the season.

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