Colin Cowherd’s takes usually anger various fan bases, so it’s no surprise that his latest opinion is one that won’t make Green Packers fans very happy.

The host of “The Herd” had some thoughts about the Packers this week and he didn’t hold back.

Cowherd said that he views Green Bay as a team that’s similar to the Big 10’s Wisconsin Badgers — they’re good, but they always fail to win the big game. He also said that he feels like the Packers’ Super Bowl window has closed.

“I think the Super Bowl window with Davante Adams leaving is closed,” said Cowherd.

And that’s not even the worst of Cowherd’s comments.

The longtime sports talk host followed up his comments about the Packers’ Super Bowl window being closed by predicting that the Minnesota Vikings will win the NFC North this season.

I can understand being somewhat down on Green Bay entering the 2022 season — losing Adams definitely hurts.

But Aaron Rodgers is still the starting quarterback. And as long as Rodgers is under center in Green Bay, I like the Packers’ chances of winning the division more than the Vikings’ chances (and certainly more than the Chicago Bears‘ chances or Detroit Lions’ chances).

The good news for Packers fans is that Cowherd’s terrible takes are usually wrong (he didn’t think Joe Burrow would be a good NFL quarterback), so this ultimately means nothing. Though it’ll certainly be fun for Green Bay fans to dig this back up after the 2022 season if the Packers end up winning the NFC North.

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