The Green Bay Packers had it all figured out.

They just re-signed quarterback Aaron Rodgers to a new deal. And then they placed the franchise tag on wide receiver Davante Adams.

Adams said earlier this week that he wouldn’t play on the franchise tag in 2022, but the expectation was that Green Bay would work out a contract extension before this summer.

All good, right?

Apparently not.

On Thursday night, the Packers shocked the entire NFL world by trading Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders for “two prime 2022 picks”.

Adams is reportedly receiving a new 5-year deal worth $141.25M (average of $28.25 million per year) from the Raiders.

This trade may seem like it came out of nowhere, but that’s not the case. Green Bay and Las Vegas have reportedly been working on this deal for several days.

The trade reunites Adams with Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, his college teammate.

Throughout the offseason, it appeared that Adams and Rodgers were a package deal. That’s apparently not the case, as Adams clearly approved of this deal since the extension has already been worked out.

What does this mean for Rodgers and Green Bay?

That’s a question that we’ll hopefully see answered in the next couple of days.

Featured image via USA TODAY