The Kansas City Chiefs were embarrassed on the defensive side of the ball against the Cincinnati Bengals. After talking all that trash all week, they were just flat-out embarrassed.

Of course, it wasn’t everyone on the Chiefs’ defense that talked trash, but it was nearly everyone that played badly. Even Chris Jones, the guy that has amazing games when the rest of the defense doesn’t, had a bad game.

But, you have to be able to back it up if you’re going to do it, especially against a team like the Bengals, who have your number.

Justin Reid, the Chiefs’ new safety for the 2022 season, was the guy that initiated the trash talk, which is so mind-boggling to me considering he wasn’t even on the team playing the Bengals twice last season.

He said he would lock up the Bengals receivers. Andy Reid had to tell him that the Chiefs don’t do that. They don’t talk trash like that before the game. On the field during the game, maybe, but before, they don’t do that. Never have, and never will as long as Reid is the head coach.

So even after having your head coach say we don’t do that, even after losing the game for a third straight time, he had the audacity to go on Twitter and say he wasn’t wrong.

But, that’s not even the craziest part. The wild thing is that he is right. He did lock up the Bengals receivers, statistically, that is.

According to Pro Football Focus and their advanced stats, Justin Reid finished with zero catches allowed on one target, and a passer rating of 39.6 when targeted, all on 37 coverage snaps.

So, statistically, the numbers say he was right. But, the tape of him getting trucked twice by Perine, says differently. Then again, he could have such good numbers because he wasn’t covering anyone. I mean this tweet here shows it best.

Maybe he was just looking for “Higbee.”

The mistake he made though was talking the trash, then doing it again after Andy Reid told him not to. I’m sure big red will let him hear it again because for some reason it isn’t getting through his thick skull.

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