On Tuesday the Chiefs made one of the weirdest gambles we have seen in quite some time.

You may have seen by now that the Chiefs and Bengals are playing chess against each other, and the Bengals just made one of the sneakiest moves one could make.

Kansas City let go of their special teams ace Chris Lammons, just for the Cincinnati Bengals to claim him. Now, does that mean Lammons will play for the Bengals on Sunday? No. This is simply a move the Bengals made to keep him from rejoining the Chiefs, as he played the most special teams snaps for Kansas City this year.

A smart move by Cincy, if we are being honest.

This was a gamble because he is the Chiefs’ best special teams player, and they were making the move to bring up one of their guys on injured reserve like maybe Clyde Edwards-Helaire or even Jody Fortson. At least that would be my guess.

With the way the special teams struggled last week against Jamal Agnew and the Jaguars, this will be a move that will likely blow up in their face not just through the fact that Lammons didn’t make his way back to the team, but also because he is their best special teams player.

Featured Image Via Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

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