The Kansas City Chiefs were played. They got played by Patrick Mahomes, but it’s okay because it all worked out. Look at the hardware on their fingers, if you don’t know what I’m referring to.

If you also don’t know what I’m referring to in terms of Mahomes playing the Chiefs, there is a video going viral of him saying something I honestly didn’t expect.

Back in 2017 when Mahomes was drafted, he did a lot of pre-draft interviews, which meant hours of talking to head coach Andy Reid, to see if the Chiefs wanted to take the kid from Texas Tech.

As Mahomes stated in the video from Travis and Jason Kelce’s new podcast ‘New Heights,’ Mahomes went over plays with Reid for five hours.

The offensive coordinator at the time, Matt Nagy, really wanted the Chiefs to draft Mahomes, so, he gave Mahomes their entire playbook the night before. Mahomes nailed the interview.

Then, later when the draft was actually coming up, Mahomes told the Chiefs that other teams wanted him in the 12th overall pick area. He said that because that’s where he wanted to go, was to Kansas City, and it made the Chiefs trade up to draft Mahomes.

The video could explain it a bit better.

He definitely played the Chiefs, but not in a bad way. he took the “inside information” and ran with it. Because of that, Mahomes has now brought the Chiefs another Super Bowl. So yeah, he “played” the Chiefs but not in a bad way, at all.

Had he never done those things, we could very well be talking about a bad team right now.

Featured Image Via Allen Eyestone via Imagn Content Services, LLC

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