If you almost passed out from watching the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs divisional game, you are not the only one. Not only did I, but almost every fan of all the teams in the divisional round did as well. This was the best second round of postseason play we have seen in the NFL in a long time.

This game was very similar to the AFC Championship of 2020, in the fact that both teams played their tails off, and neither team took a commanding lead the whole game. It was also similar in the fact that Bills players were watching confetti fall on the field in both games.

For this game, there were several reasons the Chiefs walked away with a win, and the Buffalo Bills didn’t. However, no one is thinking of this player as the MVP of the divisional round for Kansas City.

Kansas City Chiefs MVP of Divisional round vs Bills

For the Chiefs, anyone could say that Patrick Lavon Mahomes is the MVP of this game. And while that would be correct, let’s take a different route on this question.

Saying that Patrick Mahomes is the MVP would just be to cliche. So instead, anyone who ran the ball in the game against Buffalo is the MVP.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire ran for 60 yards on 7 carries and did an amazing job holding onto the ball because as we all know he has fumbled in clutch times before.

Jerrick McKinnon had another great game. While it was not quite to the extent of the Steelers game, he was still so versatile. McKinnon finished with 24 rushing yards on 10 carries but also finished with 54 receiving yards.

Mecole Hardman lined up as a running back a few times and even got two carries for 31 yards, one of them being a touchdown on what should not have been given the circumstances he was in. He showed ridiculous speed on that play.

And lastly, Patrick Mahomes ran for more yards than anyone on both teams. With 69 rushing yards, he finished with just one more than Josh Allen.

The rushing attack was so important for the Chiefs because it keeps the opposite team on its heels defensively. Opposing teams know they can throw the ball, but not many know they can run it when they need to. And that is why the running backs and anyone who played the role as one were the MVP of the divisional game.

Featured Image Credit:Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports