Just one more week, that’s all that is standing in the way of real football for the Chiefs. After not having any preseason games last season due to covid, the NFL brought back the games this season, only three instead of the original four.

Now that the Chiefs have won their last preseason game over the Vikings, they have real football to prepare for. First, we can look at the last game they played, and find the good, to get a better idea of what to expect heading into week one.

Of course, as we all say, it’s just the preseason, no need to overreact. However, there are things from games like this that can be carried over into the ones that count, the ones that matter.

Takeaways from Chiefs-Vikings preseason matchup

Mahomes looks like, Mahomes:

The world overreacted last week when Mahomes scrambled out of the pocket and threw an interception against the Cardinals. We all know who he is, so overreacting on one bad play is just unnecessary.

The whole preseason has been somewhat of a tease watching the starters play. Mahomes would play a few possessions, then be subbed out to prevent any possible injuries. It is safe to say that interception he threw was him being just a little rusty.

Watching this game, Mahomes looked great. Yes, he only threw nine passes and completed eight of them, but he was on point. The second play of the game was a dart to Tyreek Hill for a 35-yard touchdown.

His IQ looks perfect as always, and he was able to get everyone involved. The superstar quarterback will hopefully transfer this play over to the Browns next week.

The second string looks good:

It is always good to have depth on your team, especially when considering the added game to this year’s schedule. Deep into a season, players’ bodies can get broken down from all the wear and tear of this physical sport.

The Chiefs backups are looking great already. Players like Jerick McKinnon are making a case for the 2nd string running back. He is displaying great catching skills from the backfield, and that is something the Chiefs love to see at that position.

Even the backup quarterbacks have been playing well when they get their chance. However, the one position that has played well would be the receiver position. Marcus Kemp, Jody Fortson, and Daurice Fountain all played well. They will be able to have a chance to show what they can do during the regular season.

Defense did great all game:

If the defense can play as they did against the Vikings during the regular season, they will be poised to have a great season. The past few seasons, that has been the Chiefs one crutch. It has always been said, if they can get their defense even average, they will be a dynasty. Last year they did just that, but the Chiefs offensive line had problems of their own.

Some somewhat unknown names showed up against the Vikings on Friday night. Tyler Clark, a defensive tackle from Georgia, lead the Chiefs in tackles with six.

Dicaprio Bootle, who played great last week, came in clutch once again with five total tackles. Not only was he able to find where the ball was at all times, but he was also able to break up a pass as well.

If some of these things from preseason can come together during the regular season, big things can happen. It is safe to say that the Chiefs would be a title contender once again this year.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports