While the next game is coming up soon, it is not easy to forget just how the Chiefs lost to Baltimore. The Ravens are a very good football team, with very good players. However, they are not the better team, they just played better.

Chiefs fans are known for being very passionate about their team. They are also known for being very hard on their team. After a loss like Sunday night, I suspect they will do the same. However, they shouldn’t be too upset about this loss, because it doesn’t define the Chiefs season. There is actually something they can be optimistic about.

Why Chiefs fans should be optimistic after Ravens loss

The fans of the Kansas City Chiefs are a little harsh on their team, but what’s new. After a super bowl win, and three straight AFC championship appearances, they may have the right to get upset when the team doesn’t look like themselves.

However, the fans should be optimistic in some sort of way about this game. The Chiefs don’t lose often, and in fact, have a pretty good record since Mahomes became QB.

Mahomes is 39-9 in his career, which is honestly insane to see. However, that means the Chiefs have lost just nine times in the last four years. So honestly, Chiefs fans are not very used to the feeling of losing since Mahomes joined the team, and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, this loss can help the Chiefs in a way. Every year they have a game similar to this one, where they just make bad decisions, and the defense does not play well.

With the schedule coming up that they have, it is good to go ahead and get this out of the way. The Chiefs always start the season hot on a win streak, and slow down later in the season. Seeing their weaknesses hold them back early in the season is only good for Andy Reid, who will now make sure everything is fixed.

Why no one wants to see their team lose, it is not hard to keep a positive mindset about the Chiefs. The world is not ending, and this one loss means nothing. Next week, has to be a win against a division opponent, or there may be an actual problem.

Featured Image Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports