Recently the Las Vegas Raiders have been the center of some drama. Superstar tight end Darren Waller has not necessarily been the happiest with the team, as there are some contract negotiations going on.

Waller wants an extension, but the Raiders may not be ready yet. Or, the two sides can’t come to an agreement in terms of the numbers. We don’t really know all of the details, but we do know there is some drama.

Another team is having some similar issues with one of their star players as well. The Chicago Bears and All-Pro linebacker Roquan Smith are currently having some of the same disagreements. However, you could say he is handling it a bit better.

Waller missed the preseason game on Sunday against the Vikings. Not because he was hurt or anything, but because he wanted to go watch the Las Vegas Aces game.

Why? We don’t really know. He did get Josh McDaniels’ permission to go to the game. But, still – it’s preseason and the Raiders have a ton of expectations to live up to in 2022. Even Derek Carr has mentioned how much being on the sidelines has helped him get a feel for McDaniels and the system so far.

Even McDaniels has been on record talking about how much value there is in this aspect.

Don’t get me wrong. The Aces are very entertaining to watch. In fact, they have the best record in the WNBA at 26-10, and are led by Kelsey Plum and A’ja Wilson, who put on a show to say the least.

The only thing is that the Raiders also played a football game the same day, in Las Vegas.

Smith may not be happy with the Bears either, but he is still being a great teammate. He is traveling to all of the games, and in fact, showing support to his teammates.

While they aren’t the same situation, they are very similar, and it makes Waller look pretty bad. Hopefully they can get everything sorted out, because Raider Nation loves seeing Waller in silver and black. And hey, if Smiths’ situation doesn’t get figured out, he would look good in the silver and black as well.

Featured Image Via Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports