Las Vegas had the win in its grasp — until it didn’t.

After overtime, the scoreboard read 29-23 in the Arizona Cardinals’ favor, as the Raiders fell to 0-2 on the season.

Yes, the Raiders lost the game in overtime because of a fumble return touchdown that went for 69 yards. However, the play that cost the Raiders the game actually came long before that.

Let’s rewind.

With 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Cardinals facing fourth-and-four on Las Vegas’ six-yard line, down eight points (23-15), Kyler Murray’s pass intended for Marquise Brown didn’t connect.

It should have been a turnover on downs. Yet, it wasn’t. In fact, there was laundry on the field — a yellow flag. And what once was a dominant game, controlled by Las Vegas, quickly crumbled.

The reasoning for the penalty?

Safety Roderic Teamer was tagged with a defensive holding, giving Arizona another chance to score with a fresh set of downs.

“We didn’t produce much,” Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels said. “You have to learn how to handle success as we had in the first half. That starts with me. I got to get our team better at handling a lead.”

Raiders heartbreak, again

It took Arizona another four downs to score, and this time the Cardinals made sure things went their way. Following a Las Vegas timeout, the Raiders held Arizona for three-straight downs before absolutely blowing the coverage on Murray’s three-yard run to score the late touchdown.

That mishap then led to a successful two-point conversion with no time left on the clock, sending the game to overtime.

The rest is history.

Las Vegas had another opportunity to close the game out in overtime, but Hunter Renfrow coughed the ball up, leading to the 0-2 deficit the Raiders now stare at.

In Week 1 it was Derek Carr’s interceptions. In Week 2, the game came down to discipline. And it turns out Arizona had more of it late.

“We have to learn how to win,” Carr said. “We didn’t execute each play with the detail we should have in the second half. It came down to one play, one detail, that we talk about over and over again. We got to pull ourselves out of this.”

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