Soon-to-be Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees reportedly isn’t returning to his analyst role with NBC Sports.

Brees wants to call games, but NBC doesn’t have a dedicated job calling games open at this time. The feeling is that Brees might go to Fox Sports to call games.

With Brees likely out as a studio analyst at NBC Sports, it got me thinking about which former Tennessee Vols could take his spot (Brees also got to call games at times). There are several great former Vols who I think would do a tremendous job for NBC Sports — specificaly, the five I’ve listed below.

Note: I didn’t include Peyton Manning because that feels a bit too obvious. Plus, he has a good thing going with The ManningCast. 

NFL Network and CBS analyst Charles Davis speaks during the 2024 NFL Draft Celebration at Campus Martius Park in Detroit on Thursday, April 14, 2022.
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Charles Davis

This is probably a bit too obvious as well, but I couldn’t not include Davis, who currently works as a broadcast analyst for CBS Sports. Davis is a star in the broadcasting business. He’s someone who brings tremendous insight to every game he calls. I could see Davis thriving as the eventual successor to Cris Collinsworth on Sunday Night Football.

Arian Foster

There aren’t many former Vols as unique as Arian Foster. Not only has he played a lot of football, but he also has a different take than most analysts. One thing I love is hearing a different viewpoint. Foster would certainly bring a fresh voice to analysis on NBC.

Eric Berry

Eric Berry is one of the most beloved former Vols of all time. He was a great player at Tennessee under Phillip Fulmer and Lane Kiffin, and he excelled in the NFL before having to take some time off because of a cancer diagnosis. I’d love to hear Berry’s defensive insight on a weekly basis.

Curt Maggitt

Curt Maggitt was always one of my favorite interviews when he was at Tennessee. He always brought a lot of positivity and energy to his interviews. It would be great to hear that positivity and energy on Sunday nights during the NFL season. Maggitt spent some time in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts.

Ramon Foster

I don’t think there’s a better option than Ramon Foster, a former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman who played under Phillip Fulmer at Tennessee. Foster, a friend of the A to Z Sports Big Orange Podcast, is currently a co-host on The JMart and Ramon show on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville. Foster does a terrific job on radio and he has some great stories. He has the perfect vibe for television and I think he’d excel as an analyst for NBC Sports.

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