It seems like everyone has weighed in this summer on Tennessee Titans rookie wide receiver Treylon Burks’ conditioning issues.

Burks had some issues getting through some minicamp sessions earlier this spring, which led to rampant speculation about his conditioning and whether or not he has asthma.

We’ve heard Titans wide receivers coach Rob Moore say Burks has asthma. We’ve also heard Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Sam Pittman, who coached Burks in college, say that the No. 18 overall draft selection doesn’t have asthma.

And we also heard ESPN’s Dianna Russini say this week that Burks has dropped some weight and has shown growth this summer.

If Russini’s report is accurate, then there’s been a lot of concern over nothing the last couple of months.

Former Titans player gives his take on Treylon Burks

Former Titans tight end Ben Troupe appeared on 104.5 The Zone’s JMart and Ramon this past week and he gave his take on Burks.

“I appreciate the fact that there weren’t social media like there is now…I was probably in worse shape than Treylon Burks,” said Troupe. “I had to learn this — football shape versus professional football shape is really, really different.”

“Treylon Burks has got to understand, man they’re getting you ready to play every snap,” added Troupe. “You’re trying to be the No. 1 receiver, you don’t come out that much if you come out at all. So Treylon has got to understand — right, wrong, or indifferent — that he’s going to have a lot of scrutiny because they’re going to think he’s the reason AJ Brown is in Philly, even if that’s not the case.”

Troupe brings up a couple of good points. For starters, social media has made the Burks situation more of a thing than it probably should be. He’s far from the first NFL player to have some struggles during training camp.

And that goes to Troupe’s second point — a lot of eyes are on Burks because he’s viewed as the replacement for AJ Brown. It’s unfortunate because Burks isn’t really getting any time to develop. He’s a rookie. He’s not supposed to be a star from day one. Does that happen sometimes? Sure. But for every Justin Jefferson or Ja’Marr Chase, there are a litany of wide receivers who don’t break out until their second or third years in the NFL (just look at players like Cooper Kupp or Davante Adams).

Burks’ NFL career is just getting started. One day, this entire summer could be nothing more than a small footnote in a productive NFL career for Burks.

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