NIL rule changes over the last year have forever changed the recruiting landscape of college football.

What once had to be done in secret (paying players) can now be done legally.

Schools can’t technically pay players or facilitate payments, but it’s definitely happening. And it’s happening via third-party groups like Spyre Sports.

Spyre, specifically, is making sure players who sign with the Tennessee Vols are getting paid — especially the quarterback.

Spyre CEO James Clawson told The Athletic‘s David Ubben this week that current Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker has been presented a “substantial” NIL deal.

Clawson then said that a quarterback at Tennessee (presumably the starting quarterback) should be making at least seven figures a year (over a million bucks).

“We feel like the quarterback at Tennessee can make as much money as anywhere in the country,” said Clawson. “If you go out and replicate the season Hendon Hooker just had, there’s no reason why at the end of the day in deals we do and other companies do or national brands, the quarterback at Tennessee shouldn’t make seven figures a year.”

Not only does this mean that Hooker is likely making over $1 million to stay another year at Tennessee, it means that Spyre is willing to increase their NIL deals for Vol quarterbacks to equal what a quarterback could make elsewhere (at let’s say Alabama or Texas A&M).

I know a lot of folks aren’t comfortable with this (even though it’s been happening in the shadows for a long time). I get it. It’s new frontier for us all.

But this is the new world of college football recruiting. And it’s clear that Tennessee, via Spyre, is committed to spending whatever it takes to land the top recruits in the country.

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