The NHL has announced a ruling on Evgeni Malkin’s dangerous cross-check to the face of Nashville Predators defenseman Mark Borowiecki.

According to the Department of Player Safety, Malkin has been suspended four games. Here’s a link to the video from DOPS regarding the suspension.

The NHL cites Malkin’s history of incidents like this (he’s been suspended once and fined three times) and the unreasonably dangerous nature of the attack as reasons for the suspension.

Borowiecki, who signed a contract extension with the Preds in February, missed the rest of the game. His status for tomorrow night’s game against San Jose is unknown.

In case you missed the incident, it happened at the end of the 2nd period on Sunday in Pittsburgh. Here’s a good look at everything:

Shaun Smith and I talked about the play in our latest episode of the “On The Preds” podcast, which you can listen to here.

While some fans might not be satisfied with four games for such a dangerous hit, I would say Preds fans should count their blessings. There have been many other instances of Preds players getting injured on dangerous hits and DOPS hasn’t even called a hearing.

Still, Malkin is a repeat offender and the play was so blatantly dangerous that four games might be a slap on the wrist. It wouldn’t have been unrealistic to suspend him for the rest of Pittsburgh’s season, which would have been eight games.

— Featured image via Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports —