The news is coming in fast on the Nashville Predators’ contract negotiations with expiring star forward Filip Forsberg.

Two different NHL insiders have reported on the Forsberg situation today, though each have slightly different perspectives on what’s happening.

First, Elliotte Friedman reported this morning that there’s been “some momentum” between Forsberg and the Preds. He also mentioned that the average annual value, the key number in the discussion, is “in the eights”, as has been suggested recently.

Later, Friedman (and others) reported the actual AAV figure to be $8.5 million, would mean the overall contract could be something like 8-years, $68 million.

But then this afternoon, Darren Dreger reported that there is “not a lot of progress in ongoing discussions” between Filip Forsberg and the Preds. He also added that the gap between the two parties appears to be “less than $1 million per year.”

So the current state of the negotiations appears to be that the Preds are offering an eight year deal, likely worth somewhere between $64 and $68 million. Depending on whether you believe Friedman or Dreger, this could reflect “some momentum” in the talks or “not a lot of progress.”

It’s hard to tell which report is true, honestly. Both Dreger and Friedman are reliable NHL insiders in their own right.

There has yet to be a report on whether bonuses are an issue, which could be what’s taking so long. Those kind of stipulations can get complicated. And then there’s the issue of no-move clauses, which David Poile is reluctant to hand out.

Honestly, if either one of these outcomes materializes, it’s great news for the Preds. Getting a star talent like Forsberg locked up for eight years for between $8 million and $8.5 million per year would be perfect for the franchise moving forward.

But the two parties have very little time left to get the deal done. NHL free agency begins on July 13th, which is the de facto deadline for the Nashville Predators and Filip Forsberg.

— Featured image via Christopher Hanewinckel/USA TODAY Sports —