There were times during Michael Roos’ playing career where some casual viewers may have thought that Titans fans were booing their team. In reality, they were cheering on their franchise Left Tackle. Taylor Lewan is a beloved current Titan, but Roos paved the way for offensive linemen like him in Tennessee.

Michael Roos was a Tennessee Titan “lifer” in every sense of the word. He was one of the most durable players in NFL history, especially on the offensive line. From 2005-2013, Roos missed ONE football game for the Titans. That’s 142 of 143 games. Don’t forget – he started every single one of those as well.

The Eastern Washington product was a second-round selection in 2005. The Titans took him with the 41st overall pick. That NFL Draft was special for Tennessee’s offensive line. They grabbed Roos with that pick and fellow Offensive Tackle David Stewart with the 113th selection. Those two created one of the best OT duos in the league for nearly the next decade.

Also, it’s safe to say he had quite the impact at Eastern Washington. They named their football field after him.

The mammoth of a man (6’7″, 313 pounds via Pro Football Reference) wasn’t just dependable for Tennessee. He was also a dominant offensive tackle, securing three All-Pro team nods and a Pro Bowl. How he only made one Pro Bowl? Who knows.

That singular Pro Bowl selection hints at the idea that Roos was certainly underrated and overlooked during his career. Unfortunately, not many lists about players of his era will mention him, but his value to the Titans was not overlooked internally. They understood how much he changed each and every game.

By Pro Football Focus‘ standards, Roos was ridiculously steady as well. He never had a season where his PFF grade was below 73, which is still a very respectable grade. That consistency was uncanny. Not to mention, he had three seasons where he only allowed one sack.

He was the anchor for the offense in a time where change happened pretty frequently around him. At Quarterback alone, twelve different guys took a snap behind Roos in ten seasons. Most notably, Vince Young, Kerry Collins, and Matt Hasselback all started at least twelve games at least once during that span. The variance was something else, nonetheless.

Many Titans fans understand the player that Michael Roos was for their football team. Revisiting his longevity and ability is eye-opening and impressive for any football fan. Taylor Lewan may have a case in the future, but Roos is currently the best Offensive Tackle to ever play for the Titans.


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