Despite the disappointing, and at times embarrassing 0-2 start for the Tennessee Titans, Titans players and coaches still have faith that things can turn around for the team in 2022.

The Titans locker room is still in good spirits following the 41-7 loss to Buffalo on Monday night. There is focus and motivation, but the players are still engaging in team-bonding games, and they continue to have fun with one another off the field.

There is also a collective sense of confidence amongst those in the building. The Titans may be 0-2, but they’re well aware of how much time is left and the roster‘s talent level and potential.

“There’s no doubt in this locker room,” Titans DT Jeffery Simmons told the media on Wednesday. “We got the guys. We have the team. Just like we talked about this morning as a team, we know what type of team we have.”

Simmons continued to explain the Titans are taking things one day at a time.

“Just to hear all my teammates talk, no one is down. No one is feeling like this season is over with,” Simmons said. “We’ve got 15 more games, and another message for us is just take it day-by-day and game-by-game. There’s no doubt in my mind. Nobody in this locker room is thinking that the season is over with.”

According to rookie WR Treylon Burks, Maintaining such a high level of confidence is something that head coach Mike Vrabel likes to instill in his players from the beginning.

“It’s just a big thing that Coach Vrabel harps on,” said Burks. “You don’t always win each game, but we expect to. Just come back and regroup and keeping that same confidence is going to make the team better.”

Make no mistakes. The Titans leadership does not start and end with Mike Vrabel. Vrabel told the media in Wednesday’s press conference that in order to work their way back into the race; the Titans must work through things “together” and focus on setting goals.

With the Las Vegas Raiders coming to town looking for their first win, Sunday’s matchup will be a big test of will-power for two teams that are hungry to get back into the mix. 

The Titans are hoping their week of preparation puts them in a position to succeed.

Image via George Walker IV / TODAY NETWORK