The New Orleans Saints will be without their starting quarterback for now. Jameis Winston has a couple of different injuries that he needs to recover from, so Andy Dalton will step in for the Saints. Dalton performed well in the preseason and has plenty of experience in the league.

In the short-term, Dalton makes the most sense to start for the Saints.

Aside from the medical clarification for Winston, he also just needs rest. The Saints need a QB to keep them on schedule offensively. The veteran Dalton should be able to do that. His teammates have a strong belief in him as well.

Dalton played for the Cincinnati Bengals for nine seasons. Over the last two years, he has spent time with the Cowboys and Bears.

The Saints don’t need Dalton to make outrageous plays. Dalton does not have to be a hero on offense. He just has to avoid back-breaking mistakes. Making the quick, easy passes to players like Chris Olave, Alvin Kamara, and Jarvis Landry can go a long way.

The defense for New Orleans has been elite so far this season. Dalton must not put them in unnecessarily difficult situations.

As a veteran who has his new teammates’ trust, Saints fans should believe that he can keep them on track while Winston recovers.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports