The Philadelphia Eagles lost in one of the more brutal ways possible. They are no longer undefeated, which is okay, but it’s because of shooting themselves in the foot that they are here now.

The Eagles defense wasn’t great, in certain areas that is. They couldn’t stop the run to save their lives. Then, at times they were great in pass defense. Other times they let the receiver burn them on deep routes.

The defense also put the team in some costly spots. They had penalty after penalty just to negate what would have helped the team had they not committed some type of violation.

The biggest one in terms of the defense had to be what should have been the last play the defense was on the field.

“You know what, today we will just give credit to Washington,” Brandon Graham said when asked about the late hit penalty that would have given the Eagles a chance to win it.

“They put us in positions where we did some uncharacteristic things. But credit to them. They came out and played one of these games that I wish I could have that callback, but at the end of the day, we wish we could have a bunch of calls back.

“You know what, they won. For me, I just want to make up for it by what I do next week, and how I respond. I’m going to take that one on the chin. Of course, we are all going to just flush it and move on but I’m definitely going to take that one and so next time I don’t let the team down in a situation like that.”

Graham hit the quarterback late, on what would have been a fourth and long, which would have forced the Commanders to give the ball back to Philadelphia with over a minute left. Instead, the Commanders get an automatic first down and finish out the game.

You love to see Graham step up and take accountability. My favorite part is that he says he will make up for it next week. The best way to get over something like that is to simply just move on.

And that is exactly what Graham is doing.

“We can’t put the game in the refs’ hands… That’s on me. I’m going to own that one. That’s on me,” Graham finished.

Next week is Indianapolis, and I’d be on the lookout for Graham having a huge game to make up for what happened.

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