The Kansas City Chiefs came out of week one with a win, and really that is all that matters. Yes, it was a close one, and probably could have gone the other way a few different times. It was a great game, and the Browns played extremely well, and will surely be a force to be reckoned with.

However, with everything the Browns did, they still could not get the job done. The Chiefs defense struggled, badly. The run defense was hobbled all game, and there was never really any pressure on Baker Mayfield. However, there was a rookie on the Chiefs defense who balled out in his first-ever game.

Chiefs Nick Bolton had an amazing rookie debut against the Browns

Nick Bolton, who was the Chiefs first draft pick in the 2021 NFL draft, played outstanding in his first game, and his first start. Usually, Willie Gay Jr. would have been the starter, but he will not be back until week four.

With that injury, Nick Bolton was given more opportunities and more chances to succeed, and that is exactly what he did Sunday. After watching some of his tape from Missouri, we know that Bolton is extremely athletic, and hits hard. Some of those skills were brought over, and some new ones were shown as well.

Bolton did amazing at stopping the run, even while the team as a whole struggled. Sometime during the third quarter, Bolton made a great read on the Browns offense and stuffed Nick Chubb two yards behind the line for a tackle for loss.

We have yet to really see how well he performs in coverage, but that is something he will definitely work on with this coaching staff. There is one skill that Bolton possesses that is already pro-ready, and that would be his tackling.

Bolton lead the Chiefs in tackles with seven total, also tied with Sneed, and Thornhill, who are both cornerstone pieces. This team’s future is looking very bright on both sides of the ball. Also, let’s not forget we will get to see Bolton start again for the next two weeks.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports