The Derek Carr hate has always been unreal, and frankly, unfair. But, it will always be there, for some odd reason. It’s almost as if this guy wasn’t once in the MVP conversation, and hasn’t done some great things for the Las Vegas Raiders.

The debate is always about how average, or even below average he is. Oh, and there is the part will people like to say that he just simply doesn’t win.

But, there is one thing he has, that not every quarterback has. In fact, most quarterbacks don’t and I’d even say it’s usually just the greats that do.

He has one thing and has been showing it recently, that is one of the most important things for a quarterback to have. Yet, people still hate on him.

Raiders’ Derek Carr has the clutch gene and people don’t even know it.

Derek Carr has never been one to shy away from big moments, no matter who he was playing, or where he was playing. The last two weeks he showed that, as he played on the road in two of the leagues’ most difficult places to play, and still got the job done.

If there were an award for the most clutch quarterback, Carr would be near the top in terms of voting. Well, no he wouldn’t. I forgot for a second that everyone has a personal vendetta against him.

But, let’s just say they would vote for him because he is exactly that.

According to Josh Dubow of the Associated Press, Carr is 9-1 in overtime in his career, has 27 fourth-quarter comebacks, and 33 game-winning drives.

Typing that out and then reading it makes me realize how insane some of those numbers are for a guy who is a bottom-tier quarterback.

Now yes, some of those numbers are inflated. For example, the game-winning drive one is, because we just saw Josh Jacobs bust open an 86 yards touchdown run to win the game in overtime.

But guess what. Carr still won the game.

That’s what he does, and people need to start respecting it more.

No, he isn’t going to be an MVP every year, or possibly any year. But, he will find ways to win games when they need it most, as he has the last two weeks.

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