News broke on Wednesday night that the Nashville Predators are shopping star forward Filip Forsberg.

Forsberg is the Preds’ best player and the team is in the playoff race. Is this report indicative of Forsberg not wanting to return to Nashville when his contract is up after the season?

Not necessarily.

Robby Stanley reported on Thursday morning that Forsberg has NOT told Nashville that he doesn’t want to return to the Preds.

This is likely a scenario where Nashville is making contingency plans in case they fall out of the playoff race by the March 21 trade deadline.

Forsberg is going to be expensive. He won’t be returning to the Preds on a team-friendly deal, which means is very possible he plays elsewhere next season.

If Nashville falls out of the playoff race in the next few weeks, they could look to deal Forsberg so they can at least mitigate the loss of their best player.

Featured image via Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports