In what was the most shocking move of the first round in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans traded star WR A.J. Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles for picks No. 18 and 101. Sure, the trade left many Titans fans devastated, but Brown’s tweets following the deal were enough to send Titans fans over the edge.

Brown’s Twitter habits were commonly laughed off during his time in Tennessee. As a 24-year-old superstar, he liked to have fun online. Who can blame him?

However, Brown’s tweets took a cryptic turn this offseason. He used Twitter to voice some of his frustrations seemingly related to a stall in contract negotiations he was having with the Titans.

Just by following the trail of bread crumbs he was leaving on social media, Titans fans soon picked up on the idea that something might be afoot.

It was evident that Brown’s price point was too steep for general manager Jon Robinson and the Titans. Immediately following the trade, Brown signed a four-year extension with Philly worth $100 million including $57 million guaranteed.

But what transpired shortly after the trade is what will likely make him an enemy of the state in Tennessee for the remainder of his career.

Brown’s tweets usually don’t stay up for long. Tweeting and deleting has been his way to voice his opinions without leaving tweets up to marinate in the Twitter sewers.

But screenshots live forever.

In a message essentially thanking Tennessee along with well wishes for the team, Brown snuck in a tweet that isn’t sitting well with anybody in Tennessee.

Brown is pinning all of the blame on the Titans. No matter whose side you find yourself on in this ordeal, for Brown to avoid any responsibility for such a cataclysmic debacle seems shortsighted. For the sides to come to this conclusion so early in the offseason likely means his communication with the team was broken beyond repair.

After removing that tweet, Brown, a second-round selection in 2019, had one more in the chamber.

Like his first tweet, this one was taken down shortly after it was posted.

Titans fans were smitten by Brown’s charm on and off the field. His production was impossible to ignore as he was well on his way to becoming the best wide receiver in franchise history just three years into his career.

In fact, Titans fans had not seen a receiver like Brown since Derrick Mason’s final year with the team in 2004. And that’s what makes losing Brown even more painful.

With these ill-timed tweets, Brown looks to have certainly burnt some bridges on his way out of town. It will be interesting to see how Brown is received the next time he is in Nashville after having turned heel on the franchise.

My guess is that it won’t be pretty.

Featured image via Christopher Hanewinckel – USA TODAY Sports