The New Orleans Saints have been disappointing, but it’s not surprising.

Sitting at 3-7 heading into Sunday’s matchup with the Los Angeles Rams, the Saints have to change the narrative that has been swirling since the wheels fell off a few weeks ago. That narrative, one might ask? New Orleans isn’t a very good football team.

“I mean it’s obvious that we’re just not a good football team right now,” Tyrann Mathieu said on Sunday.

All season, the New Orleans faithful have seen the team make the same mistakes seemingly every week. Part of the blame goes on the shoulders of Dennis Allen, who has appeared allergic to good coaching. Another share of the blame falls on the shoulders of the offense and the defense.

Andy Dalton handing the ball off
New Orleans Saints Andy Dalton (14) hands the ball of to Jordan Howard (28) during the first half against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh, PA on November 13, 2022.
Pittsburgh Steelers Vs New Orleans Saints Week 10

Average at best

The offense sits at 16th-best in the league, which seems about right. On defense, New Orleans is situated at 13th in the league in yards allowed per game. This team is painfully average. In a year when New Orleans thought it could compete in the NFC South, the failure to capture needed critical wins has sent the team into a tailspin.

Against the Rams, the Saints have an opportunity to change that narrative. That starts by limiting the already crippled Rams offense. If the Saints’ defense steps up, the offense won’t be asked to do too much. It’s time for New Orleans to change its season-long narrative.

“There’s no other way to get out of it other than fight your way out of it,” Allen said. “This is where you’ve got to lean on the leadership of the group, and they’ve got to pull us through.”

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