In the NFL, if something isn’t working, it must change.

A 17-game season doesn’t afford teams much time to let poor play continue. In the New Orleans Saits’ case, the pass rush is the area on the defense that isn’t working, and it needs to be fixed — soon.

Through two games, the pass rush holds one sack. Yes, you read that right.

In Week 1, the Saints took on Marcus Mariota, who is an athletic quarterback that likes to make plays by breaking the pocket and using his legs. In Week 2, the Saints took on an old Tom Brady. The greatest quarterback in NFL history.

Two drastically different quarterbacks still gave similar results for the Saints’ pass rush.

That’s concerning.

Still, Dennis Allen believes that the pass rush will right itself.

“The sacks will come,” he said.

Against Tampa Bay, Brady got the ball away before the pass rush could make a difference. And against the Falcons, Mariota utilized his legs to extend plays while also getting the ball out quickly. If the Saints can’t generate an efficent pass rush, there is little this defense can do to slow down opponents.

To couple that concern, New Olreans’ offense hasn’t looked exceptional. Without creating long-down situations, and an offense that — at best — has been unreliable, there is little to be excited about moving forward for New Olreans.

What is on the Saints’ side, however, is its still only Week 3. The issues present in the pass rush can still be worked out. But it needs to happen soon, or else the Saints may be looking at another disappointing season.

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