The New Orleans Saints need a quarterback.

With Jameis Winston’s injury issues and Andy Dalton’s mediocre play, if the Saints want to win soon they will need a ready-made quarterback. And following Baker Mayfield’s release from the Carolina Panthers, he may be New Orleans’ most unlikely — but intriguing — answer.

Now, I know what you are saying — Mayfield, really? Hear me out.

The Panthers were a tough situation for Mayfield to come into. He was late to the party. Mayfield wasn’t traded until July 6, forcing him to accelerate his offseason schedule.

Then, in training camp, Mayfield beat out the previous starter, Sam Darnold, with half as much institutional knowledge. By all accounts, Mayfield has conducted himself in a professional manner, and his leadership in Carolina has been an asset to the Panthers.

Baker Mayfield in New Orleans?

Now, imagine Mayfield in New Orleans with a solid running game and what looks like a generational talent in Chris Olave. Does that not tickle your mind a little?

The last time Mayfield was healthy and had a full season of institutional knowledge was his second to last season in Cleveland, where he led the hapless Browns to the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

In that game, he came merely a few plays short of taking Cleveland to its first AFC Championship game in eons.

Why not give Mayfield a chance to revitalize New Orleans, which has struggled to find consistent quarterback play since Drew Brees? The Saints wouldn’t ask him to be great. He just has to be better than Winston and Dalton. That can’t be too hard, can it?

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