Tennessee Titans cornerback Caleb Farley was the topic of discussion in A to Z Sports Nashville’s DocTalk segment with Dr. Casey Davidson of Bone and Joint Institute.

Farley has been plagued by back injuries since his time in college at Virginia Tech. Unfortunately, Farley’s season appears to be over, having been placed on injured reserve after herniating a disc while covering a punt in Week 5 against the Washington Commanders.

“I would anticipate (Farley) is probably going to be out for the season,” Davidson said. “This is an injury I just worry about rushing people back in. When you do that, you just put yourself at risk for him having another re-herniation. That initial couple of months after the surgery is your highest risk of that recurrence of the disc herniation.”

History is not on Farley’s side. Having already undergone two microdiscectomies dealing with a herniated L5 disc, Davidson speculates that it’s likely Farley has re-injured this problematic vertebrae.

“Disc herniations in and of themselves can heal. However, when they don’t a microdiscectomy is the surgery of choice,” Davidson explained. “There are risks of recurrence, as we’re finding out, and some of those are in the ballpark of 10-15 percent.”

On whether Farley’s injury could have lingering long-term effects, Davidson isn’t ready to hit the panic button.

“Once you’ve had one of these injuries you are more susceptible to having another. A recent study showed a 15 percent re-operation rate at eight years. He’s within that three-year window, already having two back surgeries. I believe we’re seeing a similar process with Shaq Leonard for the Colts, who is dealing with back surgeries and back issues.”

Playing cornerback can put plenty of stress on one’s back. Backpedaling, twisting of the hips, and high-speed collisions can lead to these types of injuries. While Farley had been demoted to serving mostly on special teams, perhaps a move to safety could benefit the 24-year-old.

Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game of football. In Farley’s case, he’s dealt with more than his fair share. The Titans will have to hope that he can get back to full strength over the offseason, setting him up for success in his third year in the NFL.

Featured image via George Walker IV / Tennessean.com / USA TODAY NETWORK

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